Top-of-the-line facilities have become a passion for the The Blueray Powered by 1st Choice Pool Service team.  Our experienced and dedicated staff will provide the services needed to keep your pool in the same pristine condition it was constructed in.  We work hard to revitalize any existing facility.  Once our team has identified the renovations that are necessary, we provide our clients with a budget-friendly estimate detailing the type of work that will be involved, the steps in the process, and the approximate completion time of each aspect of the job.

Acid Wash and Tile Cleaning

As a general rule, every five to seven years, you should drain and acid-wash your. An acid-wash strips a very thin layer of plaster from your pool surface. This removes discoloring, superficial stains, fine-scale deposits and other colored deposits from the plaster (heavy deposits or stains that have penetrated several layers of plaster may still show). The result is a fresh, bright and clean layer of plaster. Blueray has the licensed professionals to safely and effectively acid-wash any type of pool or spa facility.

Pool Replaster

Blueray knows how important the look and feel of your pool or spa facility is, both for aesthetic and enjoyment purposes. A faded, stained, rough or peeling surface can make your pool less of an oasis and more of an eyesore. Resurfacing and refinishing your pool can help restore it to its glory. We have an experienced and expert team of professionals who can tackle any project, no matter how small or large. We offer a wide variety of high-quality finishes and can make your vision of your pool a reality.

Tile Repair & Replacement

Pool Deck Replacement (Including Pavers)

In many ways, your deck is as important as your pool. It surrounds the pool, enhances the overall look and feel, and crucially adds to safety. If you’re considering replacing your deck, Blueray has a team of deck and remodeling specialists to help you make the right decision for your specific pool. We have a significant amount of experience with selecting, installing and maintaining paver decks for our clients. Concrete can crack and lift, creating both safety concerns and an unpleasant aesthetic. Paver decks are a great solution. They’re slip resistant, don’t crack and low-maintenance. It’s a hardscape that comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, color tones and textures.

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